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The Mechanism Design Of The Liquid Control Butterfly Valve

Datong Reciprocity Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Open valve, solenoid valve change back, oil pump start-up, hydraulic oil through the liquid control valve, the pressure hose into the oil tank, push the piston, drive the lever with which the heavy hammer open valve. When the valve is in place, the automatic pressure-holding system starts, and the motor inherits to the pressure accumulator Pressure up to the low pressure setting surface, oil pump downtime. Rotary euphemism liquid control valve casters can be adjusted opening valve time, 0 category is 10-90 seconds.Butterfly Valve

The system leaks, the pressure drops to the high pressure setting surface, the oil pump motor starts automatically, reaches the low pressure setting value after stopping. Close valve, solenoid valve reversing, oil cylinder pressure oil through the fast, slow joint flow valve, low pressure hose, solenoid valve to the fuel tank, heavy hammer down, connecting rod drive butterfly plate Turn off valve, agile interception after about 70% strokes of the large department of water flow; the latter 30% stroke is slow to close. The angle of the speed and the buffer time can be adjusted according to the practical working condition of the pipeline, which eliminates the water hammer of the pipeline. The transfer time is close to 2 seconds ~25 seconds, 6 seconds slow off 0° seconds.Butterfly Valve

The foot pump is important for system debugging. In the case of electric or oil pump can not work normally, shake the manual pump, also can realize the valve opening and system pressure. Turning on the closed valve, the connecting rod drives the butterfly plate to rotate the shutoff valve under the action of the potential energy of the hammer and the hydrodynamic moment.Butterfly Valve

The hydraulic control slow closed check butterfly valve is not an outline of the advanced pipeline control equipment in the home, from the installation in the water turbine outlet of the hydroelectric power station, used as the outlet valve of the hydraulic turbine, or installed on the pump inlet of the pump station such as Shui Ben, electricity, supply and drainage, instead of check Work, when the valve with the main pipeline, in accordance with the hydraulic excess process of the principle, through the preset opening and closing procedures, the realization of reliable pipeline cut-off, ineffective exclusion pipe water hammer, play a role in maintaining the safety of the pipeline system.Butterfly Valve

The structure of each machine in the runner is designed to degrade the hydraulic performance of the valve, which greatly reduces the flow resistance coefficient of the valve. The valve body outward appearance passes through exquisite processing; when dn≤1200mm, the butterfly board adopts the streamline board structure, when dn>1200mm, the butterfly board uses the double flat truss structure; the valve shaft adopts the half axle structure, and the valve shaft supports the use of a smooth lead-free dew oil shaft. The shaft-tail seal adopts a self sealing V-shaped seal ring. Protection without the need to assemble the transmission unit of the department can be used to adjust the seals 0 and exchange.Butterfly Valve

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