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Structure And Channel Direction Of Swing Check Valve

Datong Reciprocity Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Lift Check valve: The check valve which slides along the center line and the lift check valve can only be installed on the horizontal pipe, and the disc can be used in the high pressure small caliber check valve. The valve body shape of the lift check valve is the same as the cut-off valve (which can be used with the globe valve) so its fluid resistance coefficient is larger. Its structure is similar to the cut-off valve. The valve body and disc are the same as the globe valve.Swing Check Valve

The upper part of the disc and the valve cover are machined with a guide sleeve, and the disc guide sleeve can be freely lifted in the seat guide tube, when the medium is downstream, the disc is opened by the medium thrust, and when the media stops, the disc is landed on the seat by the self weight, which prevents the media from Straight lift check valve medium outlet channel direction and valve seat channel direction vertical, vertical lift type check valve, its medium outlet channel direction is same as the valve seat channel direction, its flow medium resistance is smaller than the straight-through type.Swing Check Valve

Check valve: Check valve is also called a check valve or reverse check valves, water pump suction valve is the bottom valve, the role is to prevent the reverse flow of media in the pipeline, that is, the reverse direction of the need to flow. Disc opening and closing parts rely on the force of the media to open or close themselves to prevent backflow of the valve called check valve. Check valve belongs to the automatic valve class, check valve is mainly used for the medium one-way flow of the pipeline, only to allow the medium flow to a direction to prevent the occurrence of fluid countercurrent accident.Swing Check Valve

Check valve According to the structure, can be divided into lift type check valve, swing check valve and butterfly check valve, Shuttle type 4 kinds. The lift type check valve can be divided into vertical lift type check valve and horizontal lift type check valve two kinds.Swing Check Valve

The Swing check valve is divided into one-flap swing check valve, two-flap swing check valve and multiple-disc swing check valve three kinds. Butterfly check valve, butterfly disc to open and close the center axis, like butterflies waving their wings, so called butterfly check valve shuttle Check valve for the straight check valve, the above several check valves in the form of connection can be divided into threaded connection check valve, flange connection check valve and welding check valve three kinds.Swing Check Valve

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